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Discovering the hidden treasures of the Tide 

  • 1 h
  • 700 Indian rupees
  • anjuna

Service Description

With every inch that the seawater recedes a new ecosystem slowly unfurls. This is the intertidal zone, a region brimming with life that is always at the mercy of the tides. Our journey begins at the heart of this zone, the tidal pools. These pools contain what little water is left behind from the previous tide and is only visible for a short period of time until it is covered by the sea again. We will walk across these pools and watch the different organisms that live in them seeing how these remarkable creatures live in this unforgiving environment. We will discover the different sea snails grazing scarce moss over the rocks, watch different species of crabs scurrying in and out of the water, follow the small and sometimes even large fish that are left behind by the water and we may even stumble upon other creatures that call the tidepools their home. While appreciating the harmony in which life here exists, we should also be a bit careful as some organisms like the sea urchin might leave us with a nasty poke to remember our journey. Please don’t be offended if our guide shouts “we found nudies” he just wants to bring your attention to the tiny yet beautiful Nudibranchs or sea slugs found in these pools. If we are lucky we may also come across larger organisms such as eels or even sea snakes. This is an interactive journey so please do ask as many questions as possible and our guide will try his best to answer them all. While we get completely lost in the mysteries of the short-lived intertidal region it's best to keep an eye on the tide. Before you know it the area which we were just walking on will be once again covered by the sea and our journey will come to an end.

Cancellation Policy

Our standard cancellation policy is that you can get a full refund for any experience if you cancel at least 72 hours before the experience is scheduled to start, or within 24 hours of purchasing the experience provided the cancellation is 48 hours prior to the activity. Rescheduling can only be requested 48 hours prior to the activity. Easy enough!

Contact Details

  • anjuna

    Anjuna Beach, Goa

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