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Who is The Goan Friend ?


Meet the Curator Samuel Almeida

Hey this is Sam,


The land of Sun, Sand, and Fish is where I was born and raised. The lure of adventure drove me to these hidden gems as a local angler, adventurer, Biker and explorer. I'd like to show you another side of Goa, away from the beaches and congested roads. My experience angling and hiking on rocky ledges will aid us in having a safe and enjoyable session. We'll take nothing but wonderful memories with us, and we'll simply leave our footprints behind. You've come to the perfect location if you want to discover the unknown.



The Goan Friend

Meet the Team 

Jowett a.k.a Aquaman

My name is Jowett but please call me Joe, Goa’s very own Aquaman. You will usually find me around or in anything that has water. I have grown up on the beautiful Khazan lands of Goa and spent most of my time fishing or dreaming about fishing. My fascination in marine life didn’t stop there, I went on to earn a master’s degree in Marine Biology in the Andaman Islands, completely getting lost in all the Islands have to offer. Here is where I’ve gotten completely addicted to freediving. The most peace I have ever felt is being at the bottom of the sea surrounded by nothing but ocean. Being a marine biologist the thirst for knowledge has brought me to places that would seem completely alien to the rest of the world. Trekking through hills and cliffs to reach the most pristine stretches of the coast, wading through tidepools , scaling waterfalls , strolling through the mangroves at night are all regular activities in my life yet no two experiences have ever been the same.



The Goan Friend

Legally Recognized by the Government of India

We are officially recognised by the Ministry of tourism of India as Incredible India Tourist Facilitators.


Reg no:IITFC/BASIC/2021/B2/GA/017360/OCC/NOV2022

What We Do

The beaches, parties and congested roads of Goa are just a small part of the state. The Idea Behind hosting these activities is to give you a slice of Goa we love and grew up in. These activities provide a glimpse into the locals' daily routines. When you join us on an adventure in Goa, you'll get a taste of what it's like to live here. See for yourself how stress-reducing these activities can be. All you need to remember is to pack along your energy levels, enthusiasm and patience!

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