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  • Is it safe for kids?
    Yes, Provided the kids are under constant parental supervision, these experiences are structured for a safe and fun experience for both adults and Children.
  • Can I book an activity just for my Child?
    No, that’s not possible! This activity requires compulsory parental participation along with their children for various reasons (safety of the child, communicating and understanding and participating along with your children in an activity etc).
  • My Kid is Under the age limit of the activity, can he/she still participate in the activity?"
    The answer to this only you would be able to determine, 1) Is your child well balanced and can walk and run and participate in outdoor activities? 2) Does your family have any previous trekking experience with the child? 3) Does your Child comprehend and follow safety instructions given to them? 4) Will your child wear the required footwear for the activity? 5) Are you patient enough to supervise your child and participate in the Activity? 6) Will you brief your child about the activity they would be participating in prior to the activity? If the majority of the answers are postive you and your child should be able to participate and enjoy this activity!
  • Describe the Location?
    We would be fishing off the shore and on the rocks.
  • Is it safe for adults?
    Yes! It is absolutely safe if: 1) You wear the right footwear. (Sandals or aqua shoes/running shoes, crocs) 2) You wear the right clothing for an outdoor activity. (Breathable tops, Trek Pants or Shorts, 3) Caps, Rain jackets during Monsoon) 4) You have basic fitness (Can climb up and down the stairs) 5) You are adventurous in nature.
  • Are we gonna go on a Boat?
    Nope, we avoid seasickness by fishing from Land!
  • Is there any age limits?
    Ideally 7 being the minimum and 60 being the Maximum. Post or prior these ages it comes down to the individual’s fitness levels. We require a basic fitness level where the individual can walk up and down the stairs and loves the outdoors.
  • Can we fish through the rains?
    Yes, We can fish through light rainfall. It's a thrilling adventure unlike any other day. Though heavy winds and heavy rains are bad for fishing.
  • Is it safe for a kid to accompany without participating?
    Fishing being an engrossing and addictive activity, it may avert your attention and leave the child unsupervised which may be disastrous with one wrong step. Hence, no it's better to have your child and you both engrossed and competing in this activity together.
  • Do pricing for kids differ from adults?
    No they do not, as the quality of the equipment and time spent prepping the gear is the same for an adult and a child.
  • Is the location crowded?
    Fish get spooked by large crowds, hence no the location we choose is the best and least crowded spot in the area.
  • I have only flip flops, can I still participate?"
    No, for safety concerns you need footwear with decent grip and snug to your feet.
  • Can I book it for a large group of 10+?
    As of now we are hosting on a per group basis, if there's one whole group of 7-10 we can host them together. The limit of 5 is set for a mixed group.
  • How long is the hike? Can someone over 50 participate?
    The trek is about five minutes. We have to go up and down a small hillock to reach our spot. We require a basic fitness level where the individual can walk up and down the stairs and loves the outdoors.
  • What fish do we catch? Can we take them home?
    We can expect to catch predatory fishes like Trevally, Snappers, Groupers etc. also a few reef fishes. We release all fish that are below 500gms.
  • Contemplating only to book the activity for my partner
    You should definitely join your partner for this trip. You wouldn't want to miss the fun, trust me.
  • I have other questions
    Please type your questions in the chat and we'll get back to you ASAP. :) Alternatively, you can get in touch with us on Call or on Whatsapp: Jowett - 7262062324 Samuel - 9637865396 and we can further assist you from there.
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